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The Design Quartet

Jen Tal |  Vocals

Jacob Tal  |  Drums

Jason Vigilietta | Keys

Dave Bartok  |  Bass

There came a time when most of the band members were consumed in work, traveling, or just falling off the face of the earth. It looked like Jen, Jacob, and Jason were on their own. Keys, drums, and vocals; no bass, no guitar. Jen purchased a deep red Spector bass guitar from Dave Bartok and played the instrument and sang for the group for about six shows. At that point she asked, in the words of Erykah Badu, "Do you have the number to that other bass player?" Since then, Dave Bartok, a UVA music theory and composition major, has been refining the group's sound with jazz stylings like never before.

​Their current show sounds a bit like Lauryn Hill-meets-Dave Brubek-meets YES... meets the Meters. You'll just have to hear it for yourself.

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